About Us

AU Vets was founded in the fall of 2008 by Murat Aykut (US Army) and Brandon Krapf (US Army). There were no other veteran groups on campus, so Brandon and Murat created AU Vets with the aim to assist veterans in transitioning from a military career to life as a college student. What sets Veterans of American University apart from other on-campus groups and even other Student Veterans of America chapters, is the goal to embody the “combat to campus” message by serving a cohesive community, in which military and non-military people interact, bond, and discuss pertinent issues on professional and social levels.  The Veterans of American University live by this message, opening arms to members from all walks of life, be they current military personnel, former military personnel, civilians, students, or faculty.

Brandon is also the also the founder and President of our sister organization, AU Vets Alumni Association, which launched in fall of 2011.

Veterans of American University    4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW    Washington, DC 20016     [email protected]